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List of JavaScript rounded corners With the aesthetic requirements of visitors more and more high, websites tend to use the user-friendly designs, and one of these features is rounded corner box.

With the power of JavaScript libraries today, the web designers can easily create this effect. And the target of this post: list of JavaScript/CSS codes that round the box corners.

Label: list, rounded corner, aesthetic, requirement, user-friendly design, JavaScript library

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If your are web designer, maybe you have ever gotten headache by how to build a rounded corner box or button. In this post, I want to share you a list of tutorials and code projects help build a rounded corner easily. This list focus on javascript method, but in some of them, it contains CSS implement. Please create an addition if you guys know any scripts elsewhere.

1. Spiffy Corners - Purely CSS Rounded Corners

Spiffy Corners is a simple way to generate the CSS and HTML you need to create anti-aliased corners without using images or javascript. See more ...

2. Spiffy Box - Simple Rounded Corner CSS Boxes made easy

This script is same as above. It is really just an automated way to create the code and image needed for rounded corners. Everything is just enter the value and it'll build the box for you. See more ...

3. Nifty Corners Cube - freedom to round

Before this version, there are two old version of its: Nifty Corners(ver 1) and More Nifty Corners. Nifty Corners Cube are a solution to get rounded corners without images. See more ...

4. Phatfusion : roundedcorners using Mootools

Creates rounded corners on DIV. These corners will be rounded by graphics so create your own style, works behind elements like a div with text and works on top of elements like an image. It requires Mootools for working. See more ...

5. CurvyCorners

A free JavaScript library for creating gorgeous rounded corners for HTML block elements i.e. DIVs. Supports anti-aliasing, borders and background images. See more ...

6. Rounded Corners with CSS and JavaScript

This technique will work in all modern browsers, and all future browsers that support the CSS2 and DOM 2 standards. But seem to be a bit complicated. See more ...

7. Rounded Corners With Javascript (jQuery)

A very simple way to make rounded corners with JQuery... See more ...

8. ShadedBorder: JavaScript Round Corners with Drop Shadow

RUZEE.ShadedBorder itself is the successor of RUZEE.Borders, which was the most feature-rich round corners library out there. But it wasn't quite easy to use, was slow, had some browser compatibility problems, etc.
ShadedBorders removes most of these limitations and comes with the awesome features. You should also check out his script Liquid Canvas which uses HTML canvas to render rounded corners with drop shadows. See more ...

9. Building Rounded Corners With CSS and JavaScript - Using the DOM approach

Way back to the table rounded and come forward to the css and javascript corners. It's a very explained tutorial for beginers. See more ...

10. DD_roundies: Code-only rounded HTML boxes

This is a Javascript library that makes creation of rounded-corner HTML boxes easier, with a focus on Internet Explorer. See more ...
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