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Avenue Metasearch This search form gives you the possibility to search the 42 most popular search engines and directories. The form is transparent, so you can paste it right on your Web site to fit your design ... and it is only one line!

Category: Utility, Search-code

Currency Format script This JavaScript accepts a number or string and formats it like U.S. currency. Adds the dollar sign, rounds to two places past the decimal, adds place holding zeros, and commas where appropriate. Occurs when the user clicks the button or when they finish entering the money amount (and click into the next field).

Category: Utility, Converter

Word Count script Finally, an easy way to count the number of words that are entered into a form!

Numeric TextBox script This Script can be used to validate your form for numeric values. The Numeric TextBox allows only numbers and accepts one decimal Point. Compatible with both Netscape and Internet Explorer.

Rich Text Editor The cross-browser rich-text editor implements the Mozilla Rich Text Editing API included with Mozilla 1.3+. There is NO LICENSE, so just take the code and use it for any purpose. This code is 100% free. Enjoy!.

Category: Utility, Generator

Search the Page This JavaScript will allow your visitors to search a Web page for any matching characters. It can be set for the entire page or within a specific ID attribute. Simple to use and heavily annotated.

Category: Utility, Search-code

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