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Rich Text Editor The cross-browser rich-text editor implements the Mozilla Rich Text Editing API included with Mozilla 1.3+. There is NO LICENSE, so just take the code and use it for any purpose. This code is 100% free. Enjoy!.

Category: Utility, Generator

Multiple Choice Quiz Add a quiz to your Web page without using a server-side script. Easy to set-up. Questions and answers are stored in a multi-dimensional array format in an external file. The quiz is marked in real time, and once answered, questions are set to read-only. A summary of the users score is alerted at the end.

Category: Utility, Quiz

InternetAMP 1.0 This JavaScript creates an online multimedia player on your page. Supports files, playlist, random, repeat.... Just see it and convince yourself.

Category: Utility

JSwitch Color Picker Use this JavaScript to let visitors can pick a color.

Category: Utility, Generator

Strip HTML Tags script You can use this JavaScript to remove the HTML tags.

Many Search Engines This JavaScript supplies all the search engines you could ever want on one page.

Category: Utility, Search-code

HTML to Entities script This JavaScript converts special HTML characters to their entities version inside user entered data such as a TEXTAREA before the form is submitted.

Category: Utility, Converter

FAQ Drop Down script Need to create a F.A.Q for your Web site? Use this JavaScript to hide/reveal content on a Web page. Keep your long documents short.

Category: Utility

Credit Card Number Validation Determine if a credit card number could be valid before submitting it for real-time online authentication. Based on ANSI X4.13, the LUHN formula, aka the Mod 10 algorithm is used to validate accurate credit card numbers. Heavily commented.

Category: Utility

Countdown Creator script Don't worry any more about editing the code by hand, use our code generator! Fill out the date you would like to countdown to and click the generate button. Just add this generated code to your site, or even have us mail it to you! Neat.

Category: Utility, Generator

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