Simple JavaScript Page-Note Glossary

If you ever seen many web pages, posts of professional knowledges, specialized in skills or researches; perhaps you would see many specialized in words that they're explained after each post/page.

As a content publisher, when you have to work with specialized in articles, you'll have to spend more time to make more explanations by your hand if they're very long ones. This is reason Aaron Gustafson build this JavaScript code example, it helps us spend less than time for this job, all we have to do now is concentrate on our content, all glossaries will be done automatically.

There's another very useful JavaScript code example to content publishers: JavaScript Content Auto-Indexing using DOM.

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In the last section of the script, the ids for the content and glossary are given, in this example they are 'content' and 'extras'. The script will process the abbreviations, acronyms, and definitions contained in the 'content' id and then place them within the 'extras' id.

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