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Pulse Stretch Enlarge Text effect Pulse Stretch Enlarge Text is a Text Effect that simulates pulsating, then stretching and repositioning, and finally enlarges itself.

Category: Text, Fade-Glow

Right-To-Left-Scroller with fade-effect Add as many messages as you like. Each message can be linked to a different URL. Special feature: Each message has a fontcolor of its own. Easy installation of messages, scrollersize, positioning and font-attributes (such as fontcolor, fontfamily, fontsize, fontweight and more).

Blinking Text script This JavaScript is a simple layer based JavaScript that blinks any text. The script can be used to catch the attention of the user. The blinking speed can be adjusted by the variable blink_speed. Only works in MSIE.

Category: Text, Animation

Screen Dissolving Virus effect Your visitors knees will turn to jelly if they see your webpage dissolving itself. No panic! It's just a harmless, silly joke written by the fools from Peter Gehrig.

Category: Funny

Analog Clock script (static) DHTML clock scripts sure have come a long way since the straightforward numeric display. Meet this clock app, which shows neatly in the browser's corner the time in standard format.

Category: Time, Clock

Real Time script This JavaScript will display a real time clock at the top of your webpage.

Category: Time, Clock

Tigra Calendars script There is a form with Tigra Calendars attached to the fields,that you can have multiple calendars on the same page independently configurable.

Category: Time, Calendar

Current Date- Time script Another script to display current date and time on your web pages.

Category: Time, Clock

Event Calendar script The Calendar is set either manually or by clicking on a increment button. If a month is selected or a year typed, click the Get Date button. The Today button returns the Calendar to this month.

Events are easily set, as per instructions, in the code. They may be set to repeat every year, and/or every month. Multiple events display on a date. Today's events show in the banner.

Category: Time, Calendar

Calendar Block script Use this JavaScript to display the calender block and greeting message on your webpages.

Category: Time, Calendar

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