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Word Count This JavaScript will count words.

Category: Calculation

Extended Font Creator Transform your text messages in a extended font.

Category: Security, Encryption

Type choice When visitors type the first character of items, the code will automatically display the items that have this character.

Category: Form

Cell focus This JavaScript can be used to focus a cell.

Category: Form, Table

Letter Magnet Letter Magnet pulls the letters of your messages together until they form a neat line of text. You may add as many messages as you like. Easy configuration of font-attributes.

Category: Text, Animation

Bridge Here is an interesting use of JavaScript, deal a hand of Bridge! Each time you load the page JavaScript will 'deal' a new hand to four players. Very neat.

Category: Game

No Duplicates Prevents you from selecting the same choice when choosing from two different pulldown menus.

Category: Form

Drop It effect This JavaScript makes the "shadow" of text move to itseft

Category: Text, Animation

Hangman Old-time game. I only put in a few words...English.

Category: Game, Puzzle

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