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Magic Squares Put the numbers in order so that they read 1-8. The 0 is the 'empty' place. Click on any number next to 0 and they will switch places.

Category: Game, Puzzle

Image Sharpener New DHTML-technique to highlight specific zones of your images. Uses filter-methods and drag-and-drop-functions. IE5x.

Category: Image, Image viewer

Float a Message Across the Screen You can have the message glide across only once if you like, or you can change the delay between glides across. This JavaScript code can also accommodate changing text messages.

Category: Text, Animation

Form Focus Here's a helpful little script for anyone who has ever made a form and wants to have the cursor pop into their first field when the page is loaded. The visitor can start typing straight away, without moving the mouse.

Category: Form

Rank \'em Create a survey asking people to rank things, and this JavaScript will validate that everything is ranked, and no rankings are repeated. Could be adapted into a solution puzzle or game.

Category: Utility

Reverse link The code will reverse textlink when visitors move mouse over it.

Category: Link

Stop on 100 Game requires gamers are agile.

Category: Game

Trigonometry Demo Learn how to use the Math function to create circles with sin cos and tan.

Category: Calculation, Math

Kramer\'s rule This is known as Kramer's Rule.

Category: Calculation, Math

Adding Options Use this JavaScript to add or change options on a form select menu. Clean and simple. Includes comments.

Category: Form

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