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Day of Week script Calculate what day of the week a given date was. It works for leap years and also tells you whether the date is in the past future or today.

Category: Time, Validation

Submit Once Do you ever receive multiple copies of a single form submission? Do your visitors click the submit button over and over, hoping it will hurry up the process? Well, JavaScript can solve your problems! The script will prevent the visitor from submitting the form after the first submission. Basic field validation also included! Great!

Category: Form

Color Chooser Choose background and foreground colors by directly entering the amount of red, green or blue. Allows you to increment or decrement using the ' + ' or ' - ' buttons also. Easy.

Category: Background

Opacity Script This script allows you to add a neat fade-in/out effect to images, text, whatever. The effects this script creates can only be seen in IE4+ and Netscape 6+. Older browsers such an Netscape4 should just show the element. If the elements are incorrectly rendered in NS4, try using workaround methods such as wrapping elements in ILAYER tags or something. The script still won't work, but the content should look better.

Category: Form, Button

Check Cap Locks If a user enters his JavaScript password in a Web-based form with Caps Lock accidentally on, he can become frustrated because his JavaScript password is not being accepted... and he may assume the application is the source of the problem. This JavaScript code function will let the user know his Caps Lock is on and about the potential for error.

Category: Utility

Idkit Face memory The police need your help to reconstruct the face of the criminal you saw earlier today.

Category: Game, Puzzle

Add options The script can be used to add options to Select by visitors.

Category: Form, Dropdown

Self-Duplicating HTML Spreadsheet A speadsheet similiar Excel.

Category: Utility, Generator

Textlink animation onmouseover Create low-bandwidth rollover-animations for all your textlinks. This new link-highligher combines DirectAnimation and DHTML.

Category: Link, Rainbow

Catch an International Spy The green spy flying around the world. It's your job to catch him, in a budget , of course!

Category: Game

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