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DS CursorSinusText This JavaScript displays a sinus text effect on the cursor that you can customize for your site.

Category: Text, Animation

Radio Question Validator Validates that every Radio Button question on the form has been answered. No modifications needed!

Category: Form, Validation

Link Colors With every new letter that you touch, JavaScript tells the computer to give the document a new background color. Kind of cool.

Category: Background

ShowDivId A function for dynamic form compositions from a Select option.

Category: Form, Dropdown

Write in this page Use this JavaScript to visitors write in your webpage with many formats.

Category: Utility

Blind Golf Have you ever tried golf at night - with sunglasses on ? Click somewhere in the green to drop the ball. It will bounce around until it gets to the hole - the location of which initially is unfortunately unknown to you. The smaller the number of bounces the better, of course.

Category: Game

Swiss Luxery Watch II This is the most exclusive Swiss Luxury Probably the most exclusive Swiss Watch ever written in DHTML. The script combines DHTML, CSS, JavaScript and images. Extremly fast loading. Made for IE4x.

Category: Time, Clock

Color Chooser Choose background and foreground colors by directly entering the amount of red, green or blue. Allows you to increment or decrement using the ' + ' or ' - ' buttons also. Easy.

Category: Background

Crazy Balls Crazy Balls is a fun little JavaScript. The instructions are simple, do not be destroyed by the smaller balls.

Category: Game, Skill

Chained Selects Chained Selects allows you to "chain" any number of form selection lists together in an interdependent manner, creating a multi-level form menu! Very unique, very powerful.

Category: Form, Dropdown

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