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Check Sorter JavaScript can sort data based on any field of information. In this example, a checkbook register can be sorted by date, check number, check amount, or paid to person. We're one step closer to online banking.

Category: Calculation

The JavaScript Web Programming Language 2 by Douglas Crockford This talking video is part 2 of 4. Enter to know how Douglas Crockford talks about JavaScript - the most popular web programming language in client side nowadays. You still can download through many mirrors to view in the offline mode.

Category: Video

Non-change satus The script alway displays a default message in status bar.

Category: Status, Status

A Menu List If you have plenty of space on you webpage or just would like to use a more comprehensive JavaScript menu list, then this JavaScript might suit you nicely. This JavaScript works very well and is also very visually appealing.

Category: Menu, Navigation

Box Puzzle (Internet Explorer Only) Move the squares using the arrow keys to get them in the correct order. Fun!

Category: Game, Puzzle

CompleteOrder A complete order for online payment.

Category: Utility

DS CursorSinusText This JavaScript displays a sinus text effect on the cursor that you can customize for your site.

Category: Text, Animation

Fireman There are fires everywhere in the 6 storey building and you're the only trust-worthy fireman.

Category: Game, Skill

Simple Fading Text Use this JavaScript to make your text string change color characters from first to last.

Category: Text, Fade-Glow

Strech Text Effect script Strech Text Effect script is just as the name implies... Script changes the letter spacing. Nice Effect.

Category: Text, Animation

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