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Document KeyPress script This script allows you to type directly on the document without the use of text boxes. I'm not sure how useful this is, but it's kinda neat.

Category: Utility

Change Style Let your visitors change the style sheet on your Web site. This JavaScript will let your visitors choose between five style sheets, which you can create yourself or use the ones included.

Category: Utility

User Details script This JavaScript will display information of client computer.

Category: Browser

Multiple Choice Quiz Add a quiz to your Web page without using a server-side script. Easy to set-up. Questions and answers are stored in a multi-dimensional array format in an external file. The quiz is marked in real time, and once answered, questions are set to read-only. A summary of the users score is alerted at the end.

Category: Utility, Quiz

Browser Information script This JavaScript will display the details of your current browser. The name of the browser, the platform name, the browser version, and if it is Java enabled.

Category: Browser

Milonic DHTML Color Picker Another script to create a color picker.

Category: Utility, Generator

Undo-Redo script Give your users the option of changing their entries in your textareas. Add this JavaScript to your forms or use it in a WYSIWYG editor.

Category: Utility

Sizable Popup Links This JavaScript will call popups from a link. Each popup is sized individually. Can be used more than once on a page.

Category: Browser, Popup

Circumference Calculator Find out the circumference of a circle by entering its radius. Very simple!

Category: Calculation, Math

mailTo Prevent e-mail link harvesting by spammer's robots. Nothing is displayed in the file where this script is used, other than an empty span element. The mailto link is added dynamically, and will not show up even when you "View Source".

Category: Email

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