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Rating Star System A simple CSS to create a rating system by stars, this code is open source and licensed under a Attribution 3.0 License

Category: Utility

Document Firework with Layers Sprinkle your webpage with colorful fireworks, with this decorative DHTML script! This version differs from the original in the way the fireworks is rendered. Whichever one you choose to adopt, the end effect is simply dynamite!

Category: Multimedia, Events

Login and Password script This is another script that requires both a login and password to gain entry to the protected page, with an incorrect set taking the user to a 'failure' page instead.

Category: Security, Encryption

Message come and go The effect creates a message come and go in status bar constantly.

Category: Status, Status

Simple WholeWidthTicker scrolling from right to left Kingsize ticker scrolling from right to left. Add as many messages as you like. Each message can be linked to a different URL. Very easy configuration of messages and font-attributes (such as fontcolor, fontfamily, fontsize, fontweight and more).

Category: Text, Animation

MagicScroller: add visual magic to your messages Is this a right-to-left-scroller? Is this a flash-animation? Is this an eyecatching letter-show? We think it is all in one. And above all it is the prove that even a simple scroller can add visual magic to your site. Crossbrowser (Netscape users will see a scroller without the unique multicolor effect.)

Category: Text

Floating Text script This JavaScript code makes the text that can float depend on position of scrollbars. Beside, you can drag and drop it.

Category: Text, Animation

Simple Color Runner effect Simple Color Runner displays Letters of a phrase one by one while coloring each letter. The colors run accross the text as many times as you like. CROSS-BROWSER (IE 5+,Opera 7+, Netscape 7+, Mozilla 1.2+)

Category: Text, Karaoke

World-time-ticker for over 20 world-capitals inside the status-bar This is probably the very first realtime world-time-ticker displaying and scrolling the localtime of over 20 world-capitals inside your status-bar.

Category: Time, Clock

Calendar Block script Use this JavaScript to display the calender block and greeting message on your webpages.

Category: Time, Calendar

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