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Merlin Wizard This JavaScript imitates a helping agent from Microsoft name Merlin on your web page.

Category: 3D

Background color changer onMousemove This JavaScript makes background color was changed continually and display color code in status bar when visitors move mouse on the web page.

Category: Background

Only Popup Once If you have a new window open up on your home page, it opens every time your visitors come back to that page. This is rude as well as very annoying thing to force onto your visitors. But, using cookies, this JavaScript can determine if the visitor has been here before, and only open a new window on their first visit to the page. The next time they come back, the script will read the cookie, identify them as a repeat visitor, and NOT open the window again. Neat!

Category: Cookie

Visit Counter This cookies records how many times the visitor has visited the page and writes to the page accordingly.

Category: Cookie

Metric BMI Calculator Use this JavaScript to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index). Measurements are computed using the metric system. A perfect addition for a health Web site.

Category: Calculation

Contact Form This JavaScript can create a contacter to rate, rank, contact... a website.

Category: Email

Form Validation, Submission and Redirect This form was designed in replace of a cgi form to email with redirect. It uses both my own and modifications of other javascripts to achieve the result needed for a client with no cgi access.

Category: Email

Shy Button Try to click the wrong answer with this clever script. Fun!

Category: Funny

Concentration-Using Different Images Memory game where you try to remember where the matching tiles are.

Category: Game, Puzzle

Whack the Gopher Smack the gophers on the head as they come out of their holes. Speed and level will increase on every 5th gopher. Game ends when you miss 20 gophers. Use the mouse cursor, not the hammer, to target the gophers(the hammer is just for show). Press any keyboard key to pause the game. Press 'Ok' to start the game.

Category: Game

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