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Category: Email

TextMagnet Great animation for your news! TextMagnet script reassembles your messages from small portions of text that are randomly spread out all over the screen. The script draws the text-chunks together like a strong magnet! Made for IE5 and higher.

Category: Text

X Floater Box Experiment with the floater's slide-time - the duration of the slide in milliseconds. The menu's movement on the page has a very psychological effect on the user. See for yourself by trying these values: 0, 100, 700, 1000. Try your own values.

Category: Form, Table

Joke Error Message This is joke error message and user can't click No button.

Category: Funny

Shy Button Try to click the wrong answer with this clever script. Fun!

Category: Funny

Hangman Old-time game. I only put in a few words...English.

Category: Game, Puzzle

The Maze Of Thyme In this Maze you are the multi-colored square and your goal is to get to the G.

Category: Game, Puzzle

ImageFactory reassembles your images out of the debris Add a little magic to your image-presentation with this JavaScript! First you will see only the debris of your image randomly spread out all over the browser screen. Then those scattered image-pieces will be drawn together by a strong magnetic force until the image has been recreated out of those debris! Made for IE5 and higher.

Category: Image, Rotation

Interactive image slideshow with text description An incredibly cool DHTML image slideshow. Features manual/ automatic cycling, and accompany text description of each image. Requires IE 4+/NS6+ to work.

Category: Image, Slideshow

Zoom Slideshow This is an easy-to-install JavaScript image script that takes in any number of images, and instantly turns them into one cool slideshow.

Category: Image, Slideshow
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