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Validation (Character) Automatically removes specified characters from input box. Good for fields that require only text/number inputs. Easily modified to accept only text or only numerals.

Category: Form, Validation

List Organizer Easily organize a list of values to place them in any order. Allows you to add and delete from the list!

Category: Form, Dropdown

Dynamic Form Fields I needed a form for students enrolling in training courses. I couldn't find exactly what I needed out there, so I built my own (borrowing some code from others (credits given in code)). The really important thing was that if, after changing the data, the applicant altered the number of students or hit the back button from the next page, the existing data would not be lost.

Feel free to do whatever with this code, no credit to me required. If you make it better, though, please feel free to e-mail me! Create a form that dynamically changes the number of fields available based on a select list value.

Category: Form

AJScroller AJScroller is a cross-browser, DHTML scroller. Full HTML syntax is supported, which means you can add images, format and align text quickly and easily. The scrolling speed and pause delay can be configured and controlled dynamically.

Input Box Comments Display a few words in a form field and when focus is given to the field, the words will disappear. Great for providing instructions in a small space.

Category: Snippet

Fake HDD Format Do not worry, this is just joke…

Category: Funny

Advance tetris This is a advance JavaScript Tetris game game, it allows you choose level, size,... of game.

Category: Game, Tetris

\'Shoot the Popup Target\' Games This game script provides a highly customizable 'engine' to make different target-style games using different images, sounds, and other parameters. There are a lot of settings to adjust for each game, basically your imagination is the limit.

Category: Game, Shooting

Mouse Bomb A bomb follows your mouse cursor around the screen and explodes when it reaches your cursor. Cool.

Category: Game

Shoot the Rockets Use your mouse to aim and shooting gun at rockets that fly across the screen. It may require some practice timing the shots to compensate for the distances. Interestingly, the game never ends -- just play as long as you want. Sweet!

Category: Game, Shooting

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