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Image Caption - Surrounding Text With the help of this script, adding text to accompany images could not be easier. Give your image a "title" -- how appropriate -- and a className, and in a few seconds you will have beautiful looking captions for your images. And, you can use HTML elements.

Category: Image

Smarter Dynamic Select Options Let use this multiple select script if you want to create select boxes that relate to anothers, by onchange event. Choose a value in the first select options and the script will precess and display the available select values in the second box to match your selection automatically. Easy to use, with full comments in source code.

You can also see more for multiple select, dynamic dropdown,...

Category: Form, Dropdown

Validate E-Mail This JavaScript verifies that a string looks like a real e-mail address.

Category: Email

W - sudoku mini jsVB W - sudoku mini jsVB is a free script for your site with no ads. It creates 2x3 sudoku puzzles in three levels of difficulty, using pleasing graphics and the drag and drop method. It has many options and you can customize the texts. It works in every screen analysis and in every browser. It is easy to install in your site and doesn't need any other site resources.

Category: Game, Skill

Next-Previous Image Gallery A very simple image gallery. The script is short and includes comments to guide you along the way.

Category: Image, Slideshow

Content Display Display a block of text, a graphic, or combination of both, by clicking on a JavaScript link or a graphic. This JavaScript can be used in different circumstances, such as for informational purposes, or displaying pictures with captions. Very easy to use.

Category: Link, Tooltip

Visit Counter This cookies records how many times the visitor has visited the page and writes to the page accordingly.

Category: Cookie

Fading Slide Show Displays images continuously in a slideshow presentation format, with a fade effect on image transitions. (Fade in Internet Explorer 4+ only).

Category: Image, Slideshow

Circling text trail 2 Have a textual message circle your mouse cursor and follow it around using this DHTML script.

Category: Pointer, Trailer

Simple WholeWidthTicker scrolling from right to left Kingsize ticker scrolling from right to left. Add as many messages as you like. Each message can be linked to a different URL. Very easy configuration of messages and font-attributes (such as fontcolor, fontfamily, fontsize, fontweight and more).

Category: Text, Animation

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