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Merlin Wizard This JavaScript imitates a helping agent from Microsoft name Merlin on your web page.

Category: 3D

Loan Payment Calculator A JavaScript calculator code that calculates your monthly loan payment.

Category: Calculation

Contact Form This JavaScript can create a contacter to rate, rank, contact... a website.

Category: Email

Tic Tac Toe: 3 steps Entertain your visitors to a quick game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Comes with artificial intelligence and the ability to keep score.

Category: Game, Tic tac toe

Two ways to zoom This JavaScript will expound two ways to zoom in a image, that is when user click/move mouse on image.

Category: Image, Image viewer

Fading Slide Show Displays images continuously in a slideshow presentation format, with a fade effect on image transitions. (Fade in Internet Explorer 4+ only).

Category: Image, Slideshow

Multilevel menu A different script to make a multilevel menu. Very cool.

Top-Slide-Menu Top-Slide-Menu is a space-saving slidemenu on the top of your webpage. Just click on a category and the JavaScript menu item will slide down revealing its mapped submenus. Click on the spot again and the JavaScript menu item will slide back. As the script is based on simple imagemaps you can design them as you like.

Category: Menu, Floatable

Swimming Fish Backgrounder This JavaScript makes your web page becomes basin which in that fishes swimming.

Elastic Trail Script Another mouse trail effect, this one follows the mouse in a whimsical, bouncy manner. Easy to setup, and works cross browser!

Category: Pointer, Trailer

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