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Popup Menu Layers This JavaScript allows you to associate a dynamic JavaScript menu with regular links on your page. As the mouse moves over the link, a JavaScript menu pops up containing "sub links".

Tooltip You Can Hover Over Some ways to display texttual tooltips for links on your web pages.

Category: Link, Tooltip

Two ways to zoom This JavaScript will expound two ways to zoom in a image, that is when user click/move mouse on image.

Category: Image, Image viewer

Day-of-the-week image displayer A script that displays a different image according to the day of the week (ie: one image for Monday, one image for Tuesday etc).

Category: Image

MagicScroller: add visual magic to your messages Is this a right-to-left-scroller? Is this a flash-animation? Is this an eyecatching letter-show? We think it is all in one. And above all it is the prove that even a simple scroller can add visual magic to your site. Crossbrowser (Netscape users will see a scroller without the unique multicolor effect.)

Category: Text

Scuba Memory Memorize the picture, shuffle it and put it back together again.

Category: Game, Puzzle

Greeting Message II script This JavaScript depends on system time to give the greeting message.

Category: Snippet

Labrynth Keypad numbered arrows with numlock ON for movement.

Category: Game, Puzzle

Binary 101 This program makes it easy to type in binary. You enter the text in the box designated and each key press is translated to binary and added to a box below. The result in the bottom box can then be copied and pasted and used for... whatever...

Category: Utility, Converter

Hard Block R II This game is Hard Block KEYBOARD version. This game works on IE4, IE5, Netscape4, and Gecko. This game consists of one HTML file.(Netscape 4.0 / Gecko[except M8].

Category: Game, Skill

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