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Western & Chinese Astrological Sign Calculator Instantly look up both your Western and Chinese astrological signs using this fun script. What they may reveal about you, well, that's for a fortune teller to disclose :)

Category: Time, Birthday

Real Time script This JavaScript will display a real time clock at the top of your webpage.

Category: Time, Clock

Tigra Calendars script There is a form with Tigra Calendars attached to the fields,that you can have multiple calendars on the same page independently configurable.

Category: Time, Calendar

Current Date- Time script Another script to display current date and time on your web pages.

Category: Time, Clock

Event Calendar script The Calendar is set either manually or by clicking on a increment button. If a month is selected or a year typed, click the Get Date button. The Today button returns the Calendar to this month.

Events are easily set, as per instructions, in the code. They may be set to repeat every year, and/or every month. Multiple events display on a date. Today's events show in the banner.

Category: Time, Calendar

Calendar Block script Use this JavaScript to display the calender block and greeting message on your webpages.

Category: Time, Calendar

Countdown Timer 2 This countdown script prints directly to the page, displaying the time left in minutes and seconds. The time duration can be set in the script. The timer will automatically stop when the time reaches 00 minutes and 00 seconds.

Category: Time, Counter

Auto Month This pulldown JavaScript menu will automatically adjust the range of months so that the current month is at the top. The remaining months are placed in order after the current month. The JavaScript menu still functions with JavaScript turned-off.

Category: Time

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