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Analog Clock v2 script This DHTML Clock follows the mouse cursor around the page.

Category: Time, Clock

Analog Clock script This is quite possibly the only living analog clock totally written in DHTML.

Category: Time, Clock

Days Left script Procrastinators everywhere, rejoice! If many of your projects end up being due on the first of the month, do you know how many days do you have left? This JavaScript calculates and displays the number of days (not weekdays) left in the current month in a snap. And, the script has no trouble with leap year or Y2K.

Category: Time, Counter

Western & Chinese Astrological Sign Calculator Instantly look up both your Western and Chinese astrological signs using this fun script. What they may reveal about you, well, that's for a fortune teller to disclose :)

Category: Time, Birthday

Analag-Clock 2.01: select 3 different designs This is the revised version of our popular analog clock! Now there is a choice of 3 different designs. Installation and configuration have been improved and simplified. Positioning and selection of the clock are very easy now. IE 4 or higher.

Category: Time, Clock

DHTML analog clock script Analog clock that uses DIV tags for the clock face.

Category: Time, Clock

Add Time script Use this JavaScript to add time - in the form of seconds, minutes, or hours - to the current time.

Category: Time, Clock

Event Calendar script The Calendar is set either manually or by clicking on a increment button. If a month is selected or a year typed, click the Get Date button. The Today button returns the Calendar to this month.

Events are easily set, as per instructions, in the code. They may be set to repeat every year, and/or every month. Multiple events display on a date. Today's events show in the banner.

Category: Time, Calendar

Multi-Display Clock script This is a multi-display clock with local time, UTC time, local/UTC decimal time, UMT, hex time, Swatch Internet Time, New Earth Time, and a countdown clock. IE only.

Category: Time, Clock

Binary Clock script Ever seen binary code? You know, the series of 1's and 0's. This clock actually displays the time in the same binary format. Definitely something cool to put on your site if you are a programmer. ;-)

Category: Time, Clock

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