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Borderless Clock script This clock is a simple input box that is updated every 10th of a second to show the current time. Using short and simple CSS, the borders have been removed and the I-beam does not appear on mouseover. In addition, the input is 'readonly' so nobody can change what it says, if even for a 10th of a second.

Category: Time, Clock

Xin\'s Popup calendar Xin's Popup Calendar makes inputting dates into forms as easy as point-and-click. Your user simply selects the date from a popup-window calendar, and it's automatically entered into the designated form field. This is one of the absolute best script of its kind, with the following noteworthy features:

+ Customizable date format (ie: y/m/d, m/d/y etc).
+ Fully customizable interface (colors, popup window dimensions etc).
+ Accommodation for different languages other than English and English calendar format
+ Fully cross browser functional- IE4+/Win, IE5+/Mac, NN4x, N6+, Opera6+/Win and Konqueror3/Linux.

Category: Time, Calendar

Multi-Display Clock script This is a multi-display clock with local time, UTC time, local/UTC decimal time, UMT, hex time, Swatch Internet Time, New Earth Time, and a countdown clock. IE only.

Category: Time, Clock

Greeting Note script Welcome visitors to your site. This JavaScript displays Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening, depending on the time of day. Uses page title as part of greeting.

Category: Time

Blocking Calendar Sheet script This JavaScript creates a blocking calendar sheet on your webpages. Very nice.

Category: Time, Calendar

Add Time script Use this JavaScript to add time - in the form of seconds, minutes, or hours - to the current time.

Category: Time, Clock

Events Calendar script An Events Calendar script that, along with the current month calendar, displays important events for specific dates. Click on a relevant date, and a description of the event associated with it is shown. The events are stored in an external .js file. This JavaScript is compatible in both IE and Firebox.

Category: Time, Calendar

Jason\'s Date Input Calendar Jason's Date Input Calendar is designed specifically to make entering date values into forms as easy as can be! It's different from most other similar scripts in the following two ways:

+ The script generates not only the popup calendar to easily select a date, but the corresponding form field as well, made up of select menus and text boxes.
+ The script then creates a corresponding hidden field containing the actual chosen date for easy passing along with the rest of your form.

In other words, this script takes the hassle out of not only selecting a date inside forms, but creating the appropriate HTML and packaging that value for easy passing as well!

Other features of this script are:

+ Works around IE's bug of select-lists showing through layers.
+ Supports multiple calendar inputs in the same form/page.
+ Allows date input either via the popup calendar, or by the user directly inputting the desired date (via select menu and text box).

The script works in all modern browsers- IE5+, NS6/ Firefox, Opera 7+. Nice!

Category: Time, Calendar

Calculator for Easter Sunday Use this JavaScript to figure out when Easter Sunday will be in a given year. The timing of the holiday depends on the full moon.

Category: Time, Validation

Simple Greeting Message A simple greeting message script.

Category: Time

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