Simple Date Format library

This library can help you format a date object to a string or vice versa by very simple functions. This library works similar as SimpleDateFormat class in the Java language, so there will not be difficult when you do use this library if you know Java. In example page, there are many date format examples, converting formats, convert string to date, timestamp date... For more information about usage, please read more documentation written by author.

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JsSimpleDateFormat Demo

Please type the date time format here:
a or if you are not sure please select the format here:
Please select a locale:

If you want to format a date time, please choose the time you want (hour=0..23; minute,second=0..59; millisecond=0..999)
Date:   : : .
  Day Month Year   Hour   Minute   Second   Millisecond
and then click this to show formatted time below:

If you want to parse a date time string, please type the time to parse:
and at which index to start:
and then click this to show parsed time below:
Time =
Last index =
Error index =

Some additional parameters you may specify for parsing:
The year of the begin of century: (By default, it's 80 years ago)
Flexible white spaces?

This demo has been tested on:
  • Firefox 2
  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Opera 9