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Wave Text (Back and Forth) Wave Text is a Quick effect that has a Back and Forth - Wave Type of Look to it.

Category: Text, Animation

Typing Text Script A script that causes any text inside a particular tag to be 'typed out' in IE 4.x, one letter at a time. All other browsers will simply see the text fully displayed from the start. Note that any HTML tags will not be included in the typed output, to prevent them from causing problems. Tested in Firefox v1.0.7, Opera v8, Konqueror v3.2.1, and IE v6.

Category: Text, Writting

Filler Text on Demand Append filler text on demand through functional links added via JavaScript. Very useful in Web page design layout.

Category: Text

Text Wheel Spectacular way to welcome your visitors. Text Wheel rotate your messages like a wheel in the middle of your webpage. You may add as many messages as you like. Easy configuration of font, font-size, font-color and font-weight.

Category: Text, Animation

Greeting Snake GreetingSnake makes any text wriggle through any zone of your webpage. Easy configuration of text, font, fontsize, fontcolor, speed and snaking-zone.

Category: Text, Animation

The Matix Reloaded Effext It is said you must see The Matrix to understand it. Well, same thing perhaps with this awesome Matrix Text Effect- it renders digital letters that drop down gradually to form the phrase of your choice, just like in the movie. Just don't stare at it too long and get sucked in.

Category: Text, Imatitation

Message Transformer script Transform your text messages in a variety of ways, such as into 'all caps', 'pig Latin', or even 'encrypted form', using this fun script!

Category: Text

Static Rainbow Text script This JavaScript makes the colorfull string on the web page.

Category: Text, Fade-Glow

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