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Outline/Shadow Text This sample shows how to build an interactive outline that expands and collapses.

Category: Text, Fade-Glow

LED Panel Marquee A variable width/speed marquee HTML, marquee text with realistic multi-color LED digits. No fonts required, and it uses only a single 36Kb image.

See also: LED Display Panel

Category: Text, Imatitation

Typing Text 2 A JavaScript that makes any text on the page to be typed out, one letter at a time. Setup is very easily, just tell the code the ID of the container of text (ie: a DIV or SPAN), and the script does the rest. HTML tags within the text to type out is supported as well.

Browsers that do not support this JavaScript will only see the text fully displayed from the start, including any HTML tags.

Category: Text, Writting

Random Text Rotator script You can add an unlimited number of quotations and script will view them in random order

Category: Text, Animation

Sequential fly-in text script This script flies in multiple text from the left edge of the window, one at a time in sequential order similar to a PowerPoint effect. It's versatile enough to handle any number of text (or other rich HTML like images!), and you can customize both the animation speed and pause between each message. A nice effect to highlight important points on your page.

Category: Text, Animation

TextMagnet Great animation for your news! TextMagnet script reassembles your messages from small portions of text that are randomly spread out all over the screen. The script draws the text-chunks together like a strong magnet! Made for IE5 and higher.

Category: Text

Animated Text This page shows how to add DHTML animation to a page in a way that's compatible with older browsers, and works in both Netscape and Internet Explorer versions 4.x.

Category: Text, Animation

Flying Messages This JavaScript will make the messages fly from two side to center of window.

Category: Text, Animation

Colorfull Dynamic Text Creator This JavaScript will open a new window contain the text you typed with the colorfull characters.

Category: Text, Fade-Glow

Pulsating text This effect makes use of IE's multimedia filters, coupled with scripting, to render an 'aura' around any given text. The effect can easily be applied to multiple text, each with differing pulsating colors and speed.

Category: Text, Fade-Glow

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