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Total Text Rotating Script By combining DirectAnimation controls (ActiveX) and JavaScript you can rotate any text in any direction with almost no bandwidth. Made for Internet Explorer.

Category: Text

3D Wireframe Ticker 3D Wireframe Ticker circles your messages in the middle of the webpage. Elegant and stylish designer-look.

Category: Text

Shaking Ticker script Bored visitors? Shake them awake with this simple shaking ticker. Loads much faster than any java applet.

Category: Text, Animation

Diagonal text scroller This is probably the first diagonal message-scroller worldwide.

Category: Text, Animation

Wave Text Effect script Some effects are just too complex to render using plain DHTML yet, so this one enlists the help of IE's proprietary multimedia feature to create that nifty watery, wavy effect on text. Quite mesmerizing isn't it.

Category: Text, Imatitation

Changing Text Colours script This JavaScript code makes colours of string change continously.

Category: Text, Fade-Glow

Random Text Resizer script Random Text Resizer is a DHTML effect that randomly resizes a phrase multiple times, then quickly resizes each letter back to normal. Great for a Header or Banner on your Site!

Category: Text, Animation

Blinking Text script This JavaScript is a simple layer based JavaScript that blinks any text. The script can be used to catch the attention of the user. The blinking speed can be adjusted by the variable blink_speed. Only works in MSIE.

Category: Text, Animation

Floating Text script This JavaScript code makes the text that can float depend on position of scrollbars. Beside, you can drag and drop it.

Category: Text, Animation

Floating Text script II This JavaScript code makes the text that can float depend on position of scrollbars.

Category: Text, Animation
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