So-Ticker: OOP JavaScript Dynamic Ticker with Typing-Styled

This JavaScript code example makes your scrolling news tickers appear as being typed, but this is an improved JavaScript effect because it will not force users to wait for full displayed information; that's mean every time users move mouse over then I'll display all of title immediately.

Moreover, this JavaScript code example is also coded with JavaScript OOP and DOM skills, so it's a very helpful reference for JavaScript OOP beginners.

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The JavaScript is namespaced and written as an Object Literal. It initializes from the so_ticker.init method which should be called from your onload event handler.

If the user mouses over the ticker or sets focus to it (i.e., tabs to it), the complete text for the item will expand and the ticker will pause until the user mouses out or the ticker loses focus to another element. The title attribute of the ticker is set to the text content.

Clicking on (or otherwise activating) the plus sign will expose all of the content at once, stop the ticker and set focus to the first anchor element.

If JavaScript isn't available, the user is given a regular list of items below a heading.

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