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Horizontal Slider V2.1 Adjust: Speed, Size, Background, Border and Name! Pauses while mouse is over. Allows for Hyperlinks.

Horizontal Scroller Similar above script and hover your mouse over the textarea to pause the scroller.

Scrolling Hypertext Ticker The power of Hyper Ticker is at its ability to run HTML tags in the ticker. You can put images, hyperlinks, change colors, blinks, and almost everything you can do with normal HTML.

Pausing Scrollers The example documents all import their style sheets so that incapable browsers will see the scroller content rendered in the normal flow . The style sheet for each example has the same file name (with a css extension, of course) as the html document that uses it.

Category: Scrollers

Scroller with smooth fade-effect Surprise your visitors with this unique fade-scroller. Configure text, textsize, textcolor, backgroundcolor, scrollersize, bordercolor, links and fade effects in less than 5 minutes.

Category: Scrollers, Fading

Floating Christmas-Scroller with shadow-font and snowing-animation Charming little XMAS-scroller with snowing-animation and eyecatching shadow-font. The CENTERED scroller sticks to its vertical position even if you scroll down your webpage. Add as many messages as you like. Each message can be linked to a different URL. Easy installation of messages, links, fontcolor, fontfamily, fontsize and vertical position.

Ultimate Script You can make a lot of animations with the same extra simple free JavaScript function.

First Vertical Ticker worldwide The first vertical message-ticker worldwide. No images needed! Easy configuration of messages, font-size, font_color and font-family. Made for IE5x.

Type-writer scroller This is a unique scroller that displays the text one-letter at a time, with the trailing 'underscore' symbol following behind, like a type writer.

Category: Scrollers

Powerful DHTML-ticker This powerful DHTML-ticker with fancy last-letter-animation runs without absolute positioning. What does this mean? It means that you may put the script anywhere into your webpage (for instance into tablecells as shown in this sample). Big advantage: the scroller fits seamlessly into your webpage design! Add as many messages as you like.

Each message can be linked to a different URL. And each messsage can be set to a font, fontcolor and fontsize of its own. Use our new setup-wizard to install and configure the ticker in less than 5 minutes. Absolutely no programming skills required. Crossbrowser (not NN6).

Category: Scrollers

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