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Multiple News Scroller v3.0 Dhtml Horizontal Scroller runs any number of messages as large as desired. Once a message leaves the area, the next one comes in. Adjustable: Size, Background, and SPEED (LIVE too). Windows/Linux: IE4+, Firefox1+, Netscape6+, Opera7+ NS4+. MAC OS X: Safari, IE5+ Firefox1+, Opera7+.

Marquee Direction Types This script displays the marquee with four directions.

Category: Scrollers

Up-scroll message Use this JavaScript to create the up-scrolling news message in your website.

Page Content Autoscroller This JavaScript makes content of page scroll automatically.

Typing Scroller Through the ingenious combination of old JavaScript techniques and new DHTML extensions, a slashing typing scroller is born! Visible and functional in IE 4+ and NS 6. Developers, you may want to check the source to see what the scroller is really constructed using!

Highlighter Scroller II Highlighter Scroller II is a visually appealing, multi-line scroller. It gradually reveals each message into view from bottom to top, and is configurable in many aspects. Works in all modern DHTML browsers- IE4+, NS6+, and Opera 7+.

Be sure to check out Highlighter Scroller I for a single lined scroller.

Floating Right-To-Left-Scroller sticking to the bottom of your webpage This floating scroller sticks to the bottom of your webpage like a faithful dog. Even if your visitor scrolls down the page the scroller remains CENTERED at the bottom of your webpage. Add as many messages as you like. Each message can be linked to a different URL. Easy installation of messages, links, scrollersize, fontcolor, fontfamily, fontsize and backgroundcolor.

Right-To-Left-Scroller with fade-effect Add as many messages as you like. Each message can be linked to a different URL. Special feature: Each message has a fontcolor of its own. Easy installation of messages, scrollersize, positioning and font-attributes (such as fontcolor, fontfamily, fontsize, fontweight and more).

Maquee Scroller effect This JavaScript scrolls your text on the webpage as marquee tag.

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