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RocketDoge giving away 250M tokens (70$) !!

Just 5 minutes to finish 4 simple tasks (open with Telegram app only) to claim 70$ immediately. Rewards will be distributed to your BEP20 wallet after 24-28 hours:

Join Telegram channel & group Follow Twitter and retweet the pinned post Subcribe Youtube Channel Enter your BEP20 wallet address to receive tokens

Floating Message-Scroller This floating message-scroller will stay on the righthand bottom-corner of your webpage even if your visitor scrolls down the page.

Newsscroller with show-and-hide-feature onMouseDoubleClick Just doubleclick anywhere on the white space of the document and the floating newsscroller will be displayed. Doubleclick again and the newsscroller will disappear. The scripts works even when you scroll down the page. Test it.

Page Content Autoscroller This JavaScript makes content of page scroll automatically.

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