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NewsScroller A pausing news scroller. Easy to implement, highly configurable, and hyperlink capable.

AJScroller AJScroller is a cross-browser, DHTML scroller. Full HTML syntax is supported, which means you can add images, format and align text quickly and easily. The scrolling speed and pause delay can be configured and controlled dynamically.

Horizontal Scroller Similar above script and hover your mouse over the textarea to pause the scroller.

Bounce Scroller You can use this script as cross-browser replacement for IE's uilt-in MARQUEE tag (which doesn't work in anything except IE). Adjust the various settings in the script to get the effect you want. The 'boxwidth' setting should be set wide enough for the content to bounce.

Pausing Scrollers The example documents all import their style sheets so that incapable browsers will see the scroller content rendered in the normal flow . The style sheet for each example has the same file name (with a css extension, of course) as the html document that uses it.

Category: Scrollers

Scrolling Hypertext Ticker The power of Hyper Ticker is at its ability to run HTML tags in the ticker. You can put images, hyperlinks, change colors, blinks, and almost everything you can do with normal HTML.

Up-scroll message Use this JavaScript to create the up-scrolling news message in your website.

Omni-Directional Scrolling Window The script makes content of frame which can move many directions when visitors move mouse over.

Category: Scrollers

Horizontal Slider V2.1 Adjust: Speed, Size, Background, Border and Name! Pauses while mouse is over. Allows for Hyperlinks.

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