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Tab View A combination of CSS and JavaScript that allows switching between several pages without loading them from server. The script emulates the behavior of tabbed controls in Windows applications.

Category: Menu, Navigation

Dynamic Menus A different script to display a custom JavaScript menu in place of the default context JavaScript menu when you right click the mouse, with this JavaScript.

Category: Menu

FolderTree This script is used to display content in a familiar 'Explorer' type fashion. Simply click the little icon (or the header text itself) and the content in the folder will collapse/expand.

Category: Menu, Navigation

Multilevel menu A different script to make a multilevel menu. Very cool.

Pupius Menu A multi level JavaScript menu of website.

XP Menus These expanding side menus look and behave like those found in Windows XP. Great for saving space and categorizing your links.

Category: Menu, Navigation

XP Style Switch Navigation This code creates navigation menus with CSS stylesheet and operations are similar to Windows XP. Additionally, this code also uses cookie to store the state of the menus, and the fade effect is optional, you can turned it off.

See also: Switch Menu script.

Category: Menu, Navigation

Multi Level Menus This is a different script to make multilevel menu when visitors click the links.

MultiLevel menu with onMouseover This JavaScript code creates the two level menus on your web page. Everytime you move mouse over it, the sub items will be displayed. And you can toggle on/off them all.

Semantic On-Page Content List This is another script, similar to Collapsible Navigation Menus to display/hide related content just by one click, of course just one data page, subject is open each time. However, design in this script is not better.

Category: Menu, Navigation

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