XP Style Switch Navigation

This code creates navigation menus with CSS stylesheet and operations are similar to Windows XP. Additionally, this code also uses cookie to store the state of the menus, and the fade effect is optional, you can turned it off.

See also: Switch Menu script.

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If you want a menu to be open initially set the style display to
"inline" in the subMenu class div like this...
div class="subMenu" style="display:inline;"

The fading effect can be disabled by setting the
doFading var to false. I have only tested this feature on
ie 6, Netscape 1.7, firefox 1 & 1.5

If the user has cookies enabled the script will bake a cookie ;) on
the browser to track the state of the menus. This is good news for those
of you who don't use frames, you can now have persistent menu states.

Make sure you put the java script include tag after the "DIV" tags otherwise
it will not be able find and initialize the menu. If you have questions, or comments
about the XpStyle Menu v2.1 visit www.jswitch.com and leave us a comment