Dropdown Navigation Controller

See the name, maybe you think that this JavaScript code have the complex source code and excellent features? If you are thinking like that, maybe author has disappointed you because this code is quite simple, but author give the name.

This JavaScript creates a drop down control for your content on the page, such as navigation menu, menu vertical or a search form. The content link to drop down is simply hidden in a container and dynamically shown onClick or onMouseover. See also: Overlapping content link if you want.

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Parameters for main function:

at_attach(parent, child, showtype, position, cursor)
  • parent - id of visible html element

  • child - id of invisible html element that will be dropdowned

  • showtype - "click" or "hover"- first value causes content to be shown onClick, and the second, onMouseover.

  • position - "x" or "y"- first value causes content to drop down and to the right, and the second, just down.

  • cursor: The CSS cursor to display for this control. See here for a list of valid CSS cursor values.