This script will display a popup (layer) with a description and title for the link where you're mouse is. Nice effect.

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<DIV id=overDiv style="POSITION: absolute; Z-INDEX: 1"></DIV>
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript src="overlib.js"></SCRIPT>

The link can be eider an image or normal text

Replace the word Description with the link description
Replace the word Title with the link title

To activate the Overlib script insert the following line in the <a href... tag (see example below)

onmouseout=nd() onmouseover="return overlib('Description', CAPTION, 'Title')"

<a href="http://www.javascriptbank.com" onmouseout=nd() onmouseover="return overlib('Greatest and largest javsacript source in Vietnam', CAPTION, 'Javascriptbank.com')">Visit javascriptbank.com</a>