Fading Links

This JavaScript will gradually fade the text for any JavaScript link you choose from one color to another. Just set a number of parameters in the JavaScript link HTML tag and the script will do the rest. Simply omit the parameters for links which you want to keep the default look. This effect only works in IE5+, Netscape6+, and Mozilla 1+, but does not cause errors in older browsers.

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Example Link 1

Example Link 2

Example Link 3
Example Link 4

Example Link 5

Normal Link (no effects)


The parameters that you have to set in the <A> HTML tag are just a set four values seperated by a "~" sign. Spaces between the values and the "~" sign are ok if it helps readability, but they aren't needed.

Example tag:

<a href="#0" parameters="#FF0000 ~ #0000FF ~ 300 ~ 300">Example Link 1</a>

Below is the breakdown of the "parameters" attribute:

Now, just paste the following code at the bottom of your HTML page just before the </BODY> tag:

<script language="javascript" src="linkfader.js"></script>

Once you create your tags and parameters correctly, the script will automatically search for <A> tags with your parameters in them.

Notes & Advanced Options: