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Drop Down Image Selector II A dropdown combo box that allows surfers to choose among many images to be shown. Each image is linked up to a different URL, and is clickable.

Category: Image, Image viewer

Drop Down Image Selector I A dropdown combo box that allows surfers to choose among many images to be shown. Surfers choose an image from the combo box, and it is displayed in the predetermined space below. Notice that in this JavaScript, the images themselves are not clickable. If you want the version that not only shows different images, but makes the images clickable as well, look at version II below.

Category: Image, Image viewer

Photo Viewer using Selection list A simple JavaScript picture viewer that uses a HTML selection list for surferring to choose among many thumnail images to be displayed in one fixed area.

Category: Image, Image viewer

High Explosive Link onMouseover Click on the image-link and you will be blown right into the desired webpage. You won't believe it. This is not Dynamic HTML. This is Dynamite HTML. Made for IE5x.

Category: Image

Image Rotation with new transition and dissolving effect This image rotation system creates a dissolving effect for the transition phase. Great for banners, picture-presentations and more. Add as many images as you like. Each image can be linked to a different URL. The full dissolving effect can be view with IE4, IE5 or higher. Netscape-users will see a simple image-rotation-effect instead of it.

Category: Image, Rotation

Dia-Show 2.0 with double gum Enhanced double-gum-effect made for banner-rotations or diashows. Each image or banner can be linked to a different Website. Netscape-users will see a simple image-rotation-effect. Why? Unfortunately Netscape Navigator is too slow to create a smooth movement.

Category: Image, Slideshow

ImageFactory reassembles your images out of the debris Add a little magic to your image-presentation with this JavaScript! First you will see only the debris of your image randomly spread out all over the browser screen. Then those scattered image-pieces will be drawn together by a strong magnetic force until the image has been recreated out of those debris! Made for IE5 and higher.

Category: Image, Rotation
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