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David vs Goliath The giant is advancing, you as David can have only a few slings at him.

Category: Game, Shooting

Connect 4 This is a JavaScript version of 2 player Connect 4. Players take turns dropping pieces into the columns of the board. The computer tracks wins and draws automatically individually a game or match set. Awesome.

Category: Game, Puzzle

Minesweeper Don't have Windows Minesweeper game on your computer at work or school? Think again! Play this JavaScript-powered version which acts just like the Windows version and even supports custom-sized grids. And use Control+Click to flag a mine. Sweet!

Category: Game

Typing Test I really think this is neat - JavaScript will actually give you a typing test and at then tell you the results in words per minute! Very neat!

Category: Game, Skill

Magic Square Put the numbers in order so that they read 1-8. The 0 is the 'empty' place. Click on any number next to 0 and they will switch places.

Category: Game, Puzzle

South Park Mayhem Series The South Park people is being invaded by their own clones. The clones are pushing the people down pretty fast. You have to save the people by swapping them around. They are the framed images. Click one and another to swap positions. Rules: If the lower image has the higher rank, the pushing will stop. As for the Chef, only the Baby can stop him, no-one else can.

Category: Game, Puzzle

Cross Browser Black Snake Game This JavaScript code is a simple cross browser snake game you can add to your site on anywhere. Choose a level then use your arrow keys to attempt to eat the apple (red block), but watch out for the walls. At any time you can pause the game by pressing the space bar.

You still play more our different snake games at here.

Category: Game, Skill

Casino card game Black Jack, Five card stud or crazy Vietnamese draw poker.

Category: Game, Poker

Hanoi Solver Solves the Towers of Hanoi game in the shortest number of moves, demo included. The delay between moves and the number of rings can be adjusted by the user. Clever!

Category: Game, Puzzle

Wordgame Tracing the word in a dark archeology cave .. Is it new tehcnologies or is it ancient art?

Category: Game, Puzzle

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