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Shooting Gallery Use the bow & arrow to shooting gun the balloons... but NOT the animals.

Category: Game, Shooting

Scuba Memory Memorize the picture, shuffle it and put it back together again.

Category: Game, Puzzle

Pong Simple game where you keep the ball from going by your paddle.

Category: Game, Skill

Pancake Shop Management You bought a PanCake Shop. How is your management skill?

Category: Game

Mine Search Another version of Widow's Minesweeper. Your player starts at the upper left hand corner of the board and looks like a smiley face. Use logic and luck to maneuver your way through to the little flag in the lower right hand corner. Use the arrow (4, 8, 6, and 2) keys on the numberpad to move the player. Look at the text box above the game to find out how many mines you are presently near.

Category: Game

Let\'s Race A racing game with characters are Yahoo Messenger emotions. You pick one and let's race.

Category: Game

Five-in-a-row Your goal in Five-in-a-row is to get five X's in a row while preventing your opponent from getting five O's in a row. In this JavaScript implementation, the game is played on a 15x15 board. (If you'd like a bigger or smaller board, you can set it to any size from 10x10 through 20x20.) You play X's, and the computer plays O's. First move is yours. Enjoy!

Category: Game, Tic tac toe

Dodge \'Em-Racing Car 2 Avoid the other cars as you drive down the road.

Category: Game

Dodge \'Em-Racing Car Avoid the other cars as you drive down the road.

Category: Game

Roll the dice Use this script when you don't have any real dice on hand.

Category: Game, Poker

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