Snake Game in JavaScript & YUI

There are already many versions of snake classic games available on the Internet. Now this Snake game was just some fun way to practice JavaScript programming language. This snake online game is the first JavaScript game from author, it used YUI 2 for JavaScript events and DOM handling.

Some information above is from author, jsB@nk thinks you should know, now let's go to the board for JavaScript Snake game on jsB@nk; eat the food, more points you get, use arrow keys to move, press P to pause or resume.

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  • Press ARROW keys to move the snake.
  • Press P to pause or resume.
  • Earlier you eat the food, more points you get.
  • Snake gets killed if it collides with the walls or its own body.
  • Color codes:
    • Food (Max 250 points, length increases by 4 units)
    • Bonus (500 points, disappears if not eaten within 10 seconds)
This game is created in Javascript using YUI 2 framework.
Author: Saurabh Odhyan
Works well on FF, Chrome and Safari. Didn't have the patience to debug on IE.

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