Flashing Rich HTML Sticky Board

Flashing Rich HTML Sticky Board - an useful and practical JavaScript code to rotate your the important news (or notice) on your website, with fading effects on appearing and disappearing. Content can be defined on the same web page, or can be obtained from other pages via AJAX technology; the script also uses cookie to store the last message that users clicked.

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Customize the invocation code based on HTML of your ticker :

id: "myhtmlticker", //main ticker DIV id
msgclass: "messagediv", //CSS class of DIVs containing each ticker message
msgsource: "inline", //Where to look for the messages: "inline", or "path_to_file_on_your_server"
rotatespeed: 3000, //pause in milliseconds between rotation
animateduration: 1000 //duration of fade animation in milliseconds 

The first two parameters should correspond to the ID of the main Ticker DIV and CSS class assigned to the inner DIVs separating each message. For the 3rd parameter, if your ticker messages are contained in an external file, specify the path to it relative to the current page. For example:

msgsource: "tickercontent.htm",

This file should only contain the ticker messages themselves, each wrapped around a DIV tag with a shared CSS class name.

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