Awesome Tabbing Navigation with Prototype and AJAX

A very cool JavaScript code example to create tabbing navigation menus for display information on your web pages. This tabbing navigating menu has the same working way like other applications with Firefox Firefox tab bar layout. Some more functions in JavaScript code example:
- Supports unlimited tabs for your content
- Creates more tabs with AJAX or IFRAME
- Create unclosed tabs (used for major information)

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Tab 1

Tab content 1. Select 2nd tab by clicking here.

This script featured on JavaScript Kit.

Tab 2

Tab content 2. Select 3rd tab by clicking here.

Tab 3

Tab content 3. Notice how this tab cannot be user closed. Select 4th tab by clicking here.

Tab 4

Tab content 4. Select 5th tab by clicking here.

Tab 5

apTabs has been successfully tested in IE6-7, Opera9, Chrome 0.3, Safari 3.1 Win, and Firefox 2-3.

Create a new tab "Ajax" with Ajax content

Create a new tab "iFrame" with iFrame content

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