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Flashing Text button Text of button will flash when visitors move mouse on it.

Category: Form, Button

Depressible DHTML buttons Use this visual DHTML script to transform regular text/image into depressible buttons! The effect can be applied to any 'containment' tag, such as <code><span>, <div>, <td> etc. Easy to install and degrades well with all other browsers. Buttonize your page elements today!

Category: Form, Button

Dynamic Combo Box This simple JavaScript creates a drop-down JavaScript menu that opens pages on a single click and button when selected from the menu.

Category: Form, Dropdown

Typing Scroller This scroller slashes and types its way into view!

Category: Form, Textarea

Typing Text Area Page Scroller This JavaScript was created to provide another alternative to those erratic and hard to read sideways scrolling text and status bar displays. This JavaScript uses TEXTAREA to create the effect of text scrolling up the page.

Category: Form, Textarea
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