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How to Set up Reliable Web Hosting From Home The first step in creating reliable web hosting from home is to install a web server on the computer. This can be done with any operating system but most professional hosts use the Linux platform. Most computer users use Windows which has a web server application built in. This program runs in the background and listens to requests from people on the Internet. It finds the website saved on the computer and sends it to the users requesting it...

This free web development article shows only the summaries to setup a web hosting, if you want, you may try some services from companies: JustHost, Hostgator, Bluehost, H9, IX

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Highlight your PHP and JavaScript codes with PHP highlight_string Highlighting the source code of your applications on the web pages is an interesting job to any programmer/coder, for showing the simpler look out to all audiences. And this feature has also been supported by many JavaScript projects/applications that are free to use.

However, in this JavaScript tutorial, the author guides you how to use highlight_string function, in the PHP programming language, to create a simple tool for highlighting your application source code. Please go to the full post page for more details.

16 Free Picture Slideshow Gallery scripts This JavaScript article gives you a list of 16 picture slideshow gallery scripts. All these gallery JavaScript codes are free to use, and very easy to setup, edit. From these awesome picture slideshow gallery JavaScript codes, I hope you'll create more beautiful, interactive galleries to your great visitors.

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Highcharts - An Awesome and Interactive JavaScript tools for Super Nice charts Highcharts is an awesome charting library written in pure JavaScript with cross-browsers compatibility. This JavaScript tool gives you many types of easy ways to create beautiful, interactive charts on your web site or web applications, and some other great customization features. It currently supports line, spline, area, areaspline, column, bar, pie and scatter chart types. Features:
- Simple and easy configuration syntax
- Displaying a tooltip text with information on each point and series on hovering
- Datetime axis
- Zooming in the X or Y dimension, or both

Check out the demo gallery to see it in action at here.

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10 jQuery and JavaScript Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Code Optimizing the application's source code is a pretty important job to big applications. With the JavaScript programming language, then this issue becomes more important; by JavaScript applications and web applications, especially Web 2.0 applications are always limited by the performance, ability of processors and browsers.

With optimized JavaScript codes, your JavaScript applications, web applications make the browsers take less than resources to process, make the speed of response to user's action faster. But this JavaScript article tutorial comes around the JavaScript tips and tricks for jQuery's codes.

How to Build Custom events in JavaScript If you ever have a lot of works relate to the JavaScript programming language, you will surely know what JavaScript events are, along with some common events such as: onload, onlick, ... Almost these common JavaScript events, usually used by users, are built-in events. The purpose of this JavaScript article does not mention to these common JavaScript events.

Through this JavaScript article, the author will teach you how to build and implement the your own custom JavaScript events, how to integrate them into the your JavaScript applications, with a few knowledges such as assigning/removing the JavaScript event handlers, fire a JavaScript event.

12 Awesome and Creative JavaScript Games you should try Nowadays, with the rapid growth of superior technology (innovation, improvement of programming languages, power of processing), even the technical (processor and performance of computer are increasing, new powerful browsers presented); then the appearances of the websites, along with many innovative features and attracting designs, are obvious.

Besides, in the field of web-based game, mainly programmed by the JavaScript programming language, also developing rapidly. At present, there are many web-based games written in JavaScript that make many programmers must rethink about the ability, power of this programming language. But at the time of this post, there are only 12 JavaScript games that author consider as the bests in creative and awesome, let play them then how do you think about these JavaScript games?

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Building your own JavaScript library 1 If you ever used some very popular JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, MooTools, ... you will know the power of these JavaScript frameworks and sometimes you wondered how the authors built them.

And this JavaScript tutorial may be for you, this JavaScript article comes around the subject of building a JavaScript framework: this is author's experiences, along with basing on jQuery, to build a lightweight JavaScript framework.

Super Awesome and Amazing MooTools Site Examples MooTools - a JavaScript framework designed mainly to support for the animation, motion, movement, ... of the objects on the web pages. Plus the strong growth of technologies nowadays, many websites and Web 2.0 appear along with awesome features and beautiful designs. The object of this JavaScript article is a list of several websites using MooTools library, considered are the best of them.

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How to Create JavaScript Dock Carousel Using Mootools - part 2 Dock Carousel is an awesome, unique and eye-catching navigation menu on the web pages, presented on jsB@nk recently. Please go to JavaScript DHTML Dock Carousel Using Mootools for this demo.

Because this is a very detailed JavaScript tutorial article, it should be divided into two parts, and this is the final one.

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