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3D self-revolving MoleCubes This JavaScript code generate three molecules with different materials. It imitate the molecele models. Beside, these molecubes can revolve by itself.

Category: 3D

3D Rotating Beating hearts This code makes the 3D heart. Also with the points, this code generate a heart which 'be breathing'. Beside, these hearts can be revolved depend on drag & drop status of users.

Category: 3D

3D revolving cube with mouse This JavaScript code makes an self-revolving cube which bases on drag&drop status of users. Eight dots which have small or large size, depend on position of them to create a cube can spin if user click and drag mouse.

Category: 3D

3D self-revolving cube This is a spinning three dimensional cube. Eight dots revolve by itself to create a motional cube.

Category: 3D

Poniter with revolving ball This effect makes a ball revolves pointer on the web page with round trajectory, depend on ball's position then it have small or large size. It look like 3D. You can modify values of co-ordinates, trajectory, speed,... to make the most favorite one.

Category: 3D
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