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Lock the Submit button by disabled property This script is a JavaScript example for locking some button by using disabled property.

Category: Snippet

Numbers Restriction Use this script to prevent users from entering characters which are not numbers.

Category: Form, Validation

Semantic On-Page Content List This is another script, similar to Collapsible Navigation Menus to display/hide related content just by one click, of course just one data page, subject is open each time. However, design in this script is not better.

Category: Menu, Navigation

Online/Offline Page Checker script A simple JavaScript to check online/offline status of page, by check some domain name.

Category: Utility

Listing Array Links Sometimes you want to create list of links without writting all HTML? Let use this link script, just enter your URLs in a string array, the code will make the rest for you, the code will make array convert and your array values will be formatted and placed as links. You can sort array before processing.

Category: Link

World Time Zone Displayer Your visitors are from over the world? And you worry that they do know the best time to contact you? Let use this JavaScript code, may associate with some GMT zone script, to show your current timezone and your visitors what time that would be in their time zone.

Category: Time, Clock

Multiple Functions onLoad Let use this JavaScript code if you want to load serval functions with onLoad event. Very short script and easy to use, but you can load unlimited functions.

Category: Snippet

Text Regular Expression Replacer This is one of regular expression examples on jsB@nk that use RegExp object to find and replace text, but this is simple regular expression code with a few lines.

Category: Utility, Search-code

Duplicate Data Fields Verifier/Notifier You can use this JavaScript code to verify or notify duplicate value of text boxes when users type them; such as an e-mail address or a password. If values of two data fields are different, this script will provide message error. Or you can use this code for different input fields.

Category: Form

renderSelectOptions: Process data selection Name of this JavaScript is defined as a function, processing all values of a specified selection and display them, very useful if you want to copy some text selection, multiple selection value.

Category: Form

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