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Custom CSS Cursors Using CSS, you can change the default cursor icon associated with a particular element, even specifying your own cursor image (in IE6+) instead. However, with power comes responsibility. Modify the cursor only when it makes sense to, such as when you're applying it to a custom interface. Like popup windows of JavaScript, changing cursors can quickly become counterproductive and irritating to the user.

Category: CSS

CSS menu This JavaScript menu is created completely by CSS.

Category: CSS, Horizontal menu

Web CSS Content Switcher Without JavaScript Without JavaScript, we can still switch web content with CSS. It's so incredible but it's so true, just click into this free HTML example code, for testing it by yourself, to find how to make CSS content switch on your own web page. This switch content script is really super easy and use.

Category: CSS\'s Menu A different code to make JavaScript menu by CSS.

Category: CSS, Horizontal menu

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