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Hi Tech Calculator This is a different script to create a calculator code with memorial function.

Trigonometry Demo Learn how to use the Math function to create circles with sin cos and tan.

Category: Calculation, Math

Base Converter A base converter. Just type a valid positive number in any one of the boxes and click outside the box. The equivalent will appear in the other boxes.

Fraction Calculator A fraction calculator code that performs addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division on two fractions. It also reduces the result to the lowest terms.

Category: Calculation

ASCII Engine Enter any keyboard character and the Ascii Engine outputs the character's equivalent in Ascii Decimal, Ascii Hex, and even binary.

Category: Calculation

Compounding Interest Calculator This compounding interest calculator can show your visitors how much they can save for retirement or other purpose. It also provides your users with the ability of viewing an amortization schedule showing what they will earn during each month. You can easily adjust the style section to make it match your site's color scheme.

Category: Calculation

High-Tech Calculator This calculator code can do everything! Besides the basic functions: add, subtract, multiply, and divide. It can take the reciprocal, cos, sin, and tan of a number, square root, and has special square and cube buttons. Also does any power of a number you want, and looks great at the same time.

Roman Numeral Converter Convert Arabic numerals to roman numerals with the click of a button. Numbers work up to the tens of billions.

Advanced Calculator This is a very sharp looking advanced calculator code made using JavaScript and HTML.

Velocity Calculator Another way to use JavaScript to find velocity equivalents.

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