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Area/Volume Generator Need to find the area or circumference of a circle, the area of a rectangle, or the volume of a cylinder? This cool script will find it for you. In addition to the answer, it also gives all the steps needed to solve the equation. (The answer is rounded off.) Pretty cool!

Category: Calculation, Math

Times Table This JavaScript makes a Times table with a value cause visitors enter.

Area Equivalents JavaScript can help you find area equivalents.

Roman Numeral Converter Convert Arabic numerals to roman numerals with the click of a button. Numbers work up to the tens of billions.

Category: Calculation

Pi Machine This JavaScript code will calculate the surface area and volume of cones, spheres or cylinders of any dimensions as well as circle circumference and surface areas.

Category: Calculation, Math

Graphing Function 2 Enter the X-Y coordinates for a function and this JavaScript will give you the graphing formulas, including Formula, Slope, Y-intercept, Parallel and Perpendicular lines. Easy!

Category: Calculation, Math

Greatest Common Factor Find the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of a group of two or three numbers.

Category: Calculation, Math

Fahrenheit to Cel. Converter This JavaScript will convert celsius to fahrenheit or fahrenheit to celsius, all you have to do is fill in the prompts and the conversion will appear in an alert box!

Fibonacci Displays the Fibonacci Sequence of Numbers as entered by the user. Warning: This is very processor intensive, do not enter a large number.

Category: Calculation, Math

Factors Use JavaScript to find out if a number entered is odd or even and the factors of that number.

Category: Calculation, Math

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