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onMouseover scrollbar effect Think you've seen them all when it comes to 'rollover' effects? Behold as this script applies the effect to the webpage's scrollbar.

Category: Browser, Scrollbars

Top-of-page onDoubleClick The easiest way to add a top-of-page-feature to your webpages. Your visitors just have to doubleclick anywhere onto the white space of the document to reach the top of your webpages.

Category: Browser, Page effect

Document Wipes effect This is a DHTML intro effect that 'wipes' desired messages onto the screen before redirecting to another page. Use it to provide an interesting introduction to anywhere within your site. Similar in function to the Dynamic Splash Screen script.

Category: Browser, Page effect

Dynamic HTML Splash Screen The dynamic animation JavaScript code is fastest and simpliest way to set up a splash screen effect, thanks to this DHTML script! Users will be able to skip this intro screen through 'Skip intro' button

Category: Browser, Page effect

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