Wipe Effects in a Splash Intro

The fastest and simpliest way to set up a splash screen effect, thanks to this DHTML script.

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The easy version of the wipe splash is designed for text to fit on one line. (Table cell nowrap attribute applied.) So use reasonably short text items or they may be cut off at the edges for some viewers. wipeDiv2 contains the image to be wiped in at the end of the wipe series. Be sure to put its height and width in the style sheet in the head.

Code comments in the wipe splash html files contain more detailed instructions. There is no need to edit anything in the external JavaScript files.

The flexible version (wipe-splash-flex.html) uses two additional external JavaScript files (dw_slide.js and dw_posrel.js). There is no need to upload those files if you are using either of the other versions.